Cruise People

  • John Delaney
    John Delaney (Chief Scientist, Legs 1 & 2)

    John Delaney has been a passionate tenacious advocate for launching next-generation ocean science and educational capabilities for decades. New a ...

  • Deborah Kelley
    Deborah Kelley (Co-Chief Scientist, Legs 1 & 2)

    Deborah Kelley is a long-time active contributor to the planning and development of the scientific programs and experiments associated with the O ...

  • Pete Barletto, Jr.
    Pete Barletto (OOI-RSN Director and Chief Operating Officer, Leg 1)

    Pete Barletto joined the OOI Regional Scale Nodes program in May 2007 after many years in the submarine cable segment of the telecommunications i ...

  • Mike Mulvihill
    Mike Mulvihill (OOI-RSN Associate Director for Operations, Leg 1)

    Mike Mulvihill joined the OOI Regional Scale Nodes program in June 2010 after 20+ years in the international telecommunications cable industry. H ...

  • Lisa Graumlich
    Lisa Graumlich (Dean, UW College of the Environment, Leg 1)

    Dean Graumlich came to the University of Washington from University of Arizona's School of Natural Resources and the Environment, where she w ...

  • Shahpour Ashaari
    Shahpour Ashaari (OOI Operations and Maintenance Manager, Leg 1)

    Shahpour Ashaari joined the Consortium for Ocean Leadership in June 2011 as Operations and Maintenance Manager for the Ocean Observatories Initia ...

  • Susan Banahan
    Susan Banahan (Associate Director, Ocean Leadership Ocean Observing Programs, Leg 1)

    Susan joined the Consortium for Ocean Leadership (JOI division) in August 2006. She previously worked for the NOAA Coastal Ocean Program, where s ...

  • Kendra Daly
    Kendra Daly (Senior Project Scientist, Leg 1)

    Kendra Daly is a biological oceanographer who has investigated aspects of food web interactions, biogeochemical cycles, and ecosystem dynamics us ...

  • Giora  Proskurowski
    Giora Proskurowski (Project Scientist, Legs 1 & 2)

    Giora graduated from Amherst College with a chemistry major, but was lured to the earth sciences with the prospects of using chemistry to study d ...

  • Orest Kawka
    Orest Kawka (Project Scientist, Legs 1 & 2)

    bio coming soon...

  • Allison Fundis
    Allison Fundis (Science & Education, Legs 1 & 2)

    Allison joined the OOI RSN program in June 2010 as the Education and Public Engagement Liaison and research scientist. She holds a MS in geology ...

  • Mitch Elend
    Mitch Elend (Science Technician, Legs 1 & 2)

    Mitchell Elend is an Oceanographer in the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington. He spent several years in the Coast Guard and i ...

  • Chuck McGuire
    Chuck McGuire (OOI-RSN Senior Systems Engineer, Leg 1)

    Chuck McGuire leads the Systems Engineering effort for the OOI RSN project. This includes requirements analysis, interface coordination with the ...

  • Skip Denny
    Skip Denny (OOI-RSN Senior Ocean Engineer, Legs 1 & 2)

    Skip Denny is part of the OOI RSN engineering team at APL's Electronic System Department and has a particular niche for ocean sensors. He has ...

  • Mike Harrington
    Mike Harrington (OOI-RSN Senior Engineer, Leg 1)

    Michael Harrington is a Senior Engineer for RSN. He is coordinating the engineering efforts to build the Secondary Infrastructure components. He ...

  • Ken Feldman
    Ken Feldman (OOI-RSN Data Systems Architect, Legs 1 & 2)

    bio coming soon...

  • Dana Manalang
    Dana Manalang (OOI-RSN Systems Engineer, Leg 1)

    Dana Manalang earned a B.S. in Ocean Engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology and received her M.S.E.E from UC Berkeley. She has worked ...

  • Jake Maltby
    Jake Maltby

    Jake works on the shallow-water profiler project. Before joining the OOI RSN program, he worked for three years as a mechanical engineer for Mans ...

  • James Tilley
    James Tilley (OOI-RSN Electrical Engineer, Leg 2)

    James Tilley is working on the electronic subsystems that will interface the OOI RSN secondary nodes to the sensor networks. Prior to joining the ...

  • Chris Holm
    Chris Holm (OOI-CGSN Field Engineer, Leg 1)

    Chris received his B.S. in Chemistry from Oregon State University in 2004, and an M.S. in Oceanography from the College of Oceanic and Atmospheri ...

  • Evan Solomon
    Evan Solomon (UW Assistant Professor, Leg 1)

    I am an assistant professor in the Marine Geology & Geophysics group at the School of Oceanography of UW specializing in marine geochemistry ...

  • Robert Morris
    Robert Morris (UW Assistant Professor, Leg 2)

    I am an assistant professor in the Biological Oceanography group in the School of Oceanography at the UW specializing in microbial ecology and me ...

  • Leslie Sautter
    Leslie Sautter (College of Charleston Professor, Leg 2)

    Leslie has been teaching marine geology at the College of Charleston for nearly two decades and has a background in paleoceanography. She is dire ...

  • Cody Youngbull
    Cody Youngbull (ASU Research Professor, Leg 2)

    Cody Youngbull is an experimental physicist working on deep ocean robotic systems and sensors. Currently a research professor in the Center for B ...

  • Tim Crone
    Tim Crone (Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Leg 2)

    I am a marine geophysicist studying the hydrology of mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal systems. One of my main interests is the interplay between phys ...

  • Ed McNichol
    Ed McNichol (Video Project Manager, Legs 1 & 2)

    Ed McNichol is a video technology and communications professional with 28 years of global experience. He has designed and built sophisticated sol ...

  • Tina Haskins
    Tina Haskins (Rutgers, Glider Technician, Leg 2)

    My current research involves glider measurements of phytoplankton physiology in the Palmer Canyon along the Western Antarctic Peninsula. I also f ...

  •  Alden Denny
    Alden Denny (Graduate Student, Legs 1 & 2)

    Is a graduate student working for Dr. Deborah Kelley at the University of Washington. Prior to UW he received his BS in geology from Western Wash ...

  • Monica Riess
    Monica Riess (Graduate Student, Legs 1 & 2)

    I am a second year graduate student in the Oceanography department at the University of Washington this fall studying with Deborah Kelley. I comp ...

  • Cody Turner
    Cody Turner (Undergraduate Student, Legs 1 & 2)

    My name is Cody Turner, and I am currently a junior at the University of Washington. I am majoring in oceanography and biology, with a minor in m ...

  • Dustin Anctil
    Dustin Anctil (Undergraduate Student, Leg 2)

    My name is Dustin Anctil and I am an oceanography major at the University of Washington. I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. After comple ...

  • Alexandra Brewer
    Lexi Brewer (Undergraduate Student, Leg 1)

    Alexandra is a UW Senior, majoring in the entirely practical combination of Marine Geology and Finnish. Her academic interests include playing ar ...

  • Alexandra Powell
    Alexandra Powell (Post-Bac Student, Leg 2)

    My name is Alexandra and I am an environmentalist from London, Ontario, Canada. I took Environmental Science at The University of Western Ontario ...

  •  Martha James
    Martha James (Undergraduate Student, Leg 2)

    I am entering my senior year in the School of Oceanography at University of Washington where I am complementing my oceanography major with minors ...

  • Audrey Djunaedi
    Audrey Djunaedi (Undergraduate Student, Leg 2)

    As a freshman, Audrey intended to double degree in music and engineering before her curiosity about the marine world inspired her to double major ...

  • Matthew Knight
    Matthew Knight (Undergraduate Student, Leg 2)

    I am a senior at the University of Washington majoring in biological oceanography. I came to the UW from Oak Park, Illinois out a curiosity for t ...

  • Brendan Philip
    Brendan Philip (Undergraduate Student, Leg 2)

    Brendan Philip is currently a sophomore at the University of Washington, where he plans to major in geological oceanography. He grew up aboard a ...

  • Adrian Rembold
    Adrian Rembold (Undergraduate Student, Leg 2)

    Hello my name is Adrian Rembold, and I am an undergraduate in the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington. I am from Sammamish, WA ...

  • Robert Beard
    Robert Beard (L3 MariPro, Leg 1)

    bio coming soon...

  • Kirk Connally
    Kirk Connally (L3 MariPro, Leg 1)

    bio coming soon...

  • Keith Shepherd
    Keith Shepherd (ROV ROPOS General & Operations Manager, Legs 1 & 2)

    Keith began working with research submersibles in 1981. The offshore engineering and management company, Highland Technologies Inc. was founded b ...

  • Jonathan Lee
    Jonathan Lee (ROPOS Electrical Engineer & Pilot, Legs 1 & 2)

    Jonathan provides electrical and electronic design and support for all of ROPOS' systems. Jonathan holds a B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering f ...

  • Reuben Mills
    Reuben Mills (ROPOS Mechanical Systems Design & Pilot, Legs 1 & 2)

    Reuben provides mechanical design and engineering analysis services for the planning and integration of the ROPOS system to ships of opportunity ...

  • Vincent Auger
    Vincent Auger (ROPOS IT & Navigation, Supervisor & Sr Navigator, Legs 1 & 2)

    Vincent provides I.T. systems, data-management and sub-sea navigation services. Part of the CSSF team since 2003, Vincent holds a B.Sc. in Comput ...

  • Glen Joyce
    Glen Joyce (ROPOS, Legs 1 & 2)

    bio coming soon...

  • Colin Wilson
    Colin Wilson (ROPOS, Legs 1 & 2)

    bio coming soon...

  • Josh Chernov
    Josh Chernov (ROPOS, Legs 1 & 2)

    bio coming soon...