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These poetry pages are designed to celebrate the beauty of the human spirit as expressed in the poetry of water, the study of oceans, and the people who are fascinated with both. I hope they will capture the struggle, the mystery, and the exhilaration that are intrinsic to the expression of human creativity regardless of its form.

I invite you to contribute to this section of the web site. Your contribution could be a favorite piece of prose--funny, sad, profound. It could be a poem, a sea chantey, a small image designed for incorporation into this web site. It need only be about the sea - or rivers, or streams or lakes - it may be something published, or personal, your own, or someone else's, and it need only celebrate the richness and complexity of the human fascination with “bodies’” of water (which I suppose includes each of us, since we are 98% H2O).

You may send your selections to me at

John Delaney
Chief Scientist

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