Wet Mate Connectors

Connectors and splices (Cable Termination Adapters, CTAs) are critical components in the extension cable assemblies as these are classic failure points in ocean systems. Several types of connectors will be necessary in this system, some combined with their cables at the factory, others on board ships in the field. Some will need to be wet-mateable via ROVs to avoid excessive weight and volume and prevent connection errors. Connectors will be made such that they are of compatible materials as they interface with different metals under the water surface. Connectors for each system have been evaluated and are shown in detail in the block diagrams. In general, there are three major types of connectors: E = Wet Mate Electrical Connectors, H = Wet Mate Hybrid Connector and D = Dry Mate Electrical Connector. These are indicated in the block diagrams provided in this Science User section of the RSN website.