Adrian Rembold

Day Eight

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day Eight

Really a great day, early on in my shift, John Delaney came in and said to me that they were going to deploy the small orange boat again this morning, and who hasn’t ridden in it yet, there are two seats? He asked me how shall we decide who goes and I responded, “well I haven’t had the best of luck with pulling strings, but I don’t have another suggestion of how else to choose”.

So it was between Brendon, Dustin, and myself; and two can go. A little later, Brendon, Dustin, walked into the ROPOS room with John Delaney; and of course John was holding three strings. We all picked one, Brendon got the longest one. Then, John Delaney said “well turns out there are three spots so you all can go”. Excited, I ran and pulled on the yellow sailing pants that I was barrowing from my mom as well as my jacket.

Finally in life vest and hard hat I waited to board the small boat. Ed was taking pictures of the three explorers. And off we go!
It was short, but fun.

Finished the chlorophyll filtering- this time without any ‘I Love Lucy’ moments!!!

We had a lovely BBQ on the fantail, finishing off with trying to fit as many people possible in a large cage as the photographers scaled up to a height in which they could fit everyone into the picture! It was a great time!!

Day Seven

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day Seven

During my shift I took some photo mosaics of Inferno, Mushroom, and … can’t remember the last one. In those four hours, Allison was so sweet and got me tea while she had gotten everyone else coffee.

In the afternoon, we picked strings again to see who would go into the small boat to see ROPOS come up. Well first round Martha got the long string, then second round Cody got the long string, then third round Matt got a long string. Allison reassured me that there will be another boat ride later this week. I hope so!

I have become well in demand for decorating cups! Cathy first wanted my to draw an octopus on part of hers, then later Leslie asked me if I could decorate a whole cup for her. Cody (Turner) told me that I should start charging.

Later in the evening, I was having an ‘I Love Lucy’ moment with the chlorophyll filtering.The funnel was going really fast and trying to keep up to keep the filter paper dry, I accidentally spilt some of the water for my sample. Cathy helped me through the process and I tried it again on a different funnel- way better pace!!! 

Day Five

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

During my shift today, I was able to partake in a survey of the new lava on and within the Axial Caldera. I was able to see and document lava whorls, lava pillars and arcs. Later after my shift, I saw an amazing structure of lava pillars, which appeared like the ruins of some magnificent ancient city.

This afternoon, I helped Dr. Cody with his sensorbots- taking them appart, reprograming the software, and putting them back together again.

After dinner this evening, we witnessed a hydrothermal vent site, a 'snow plower', that was truely spectacular. The bacterial mat growing within the structure spilled out with the hot fluids like confetti with an appearance of coconut meat. I was so lucky to witness this hydrothermal vent on my first cruise; later Dr. Deb Kelley told Martha and I that it is one of, if not the best, hydrothermal vent sites she has seen!!

Next stop- ASHES vent field!



Day Four

Monday, August 22, 2011

Finally my first real shift!! My task was to work with the IRLS/Stills. It was really fascinating- I was able to practice identifying different lava types and take a bunch of pictures – which I tend to do on my spare time anyways- but these pictures were taken by the camera off ROPOS. During my four hour shift, I was able to see octopi, skates (they kind of look like sting rays), jellyfishes (even the bioluminescent kind), and other creatures!!! Also during my shift I discovered fellow Doctor Who fans and that some of the ROPOS crew listen to Flight of the Concords.
Later, I helped with recording our coordinates every 10 minutes and finding the distances from our destination in the caldera using COVE.
After dinner, I helped Tim build a camera tripod that will be with ROPOS in a few days. Cody (Youngbull) came later to help too. Where I later learned from the two the phrase “Con Cuidado Bro!”
A very fabulous day indeed!

First 3 Days Aboard the Thompson

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 1

Everything new and thrilling!!!! As we said goodbye to land, I saw a seal on a buoy. Starting to get my sea legs, and so far no sea sickness. I found out during a safety meeting that if I had only one minute to put on a gum suit in an emergency, I would be shark chum. My new hiking boots just wouldn't come off! Definitely plan on braking them in during this cruise. Martha and I helped empty and prepare the rosette on a C.T.D., never expected it to be so fun! The water has been pretty rough, and some of  the other undergraduates are experiencing sea sickness. The food on board is so good!! We also had a really good sunset.

Day 2

The water has been better than yesterday, last night it was very rough. Studying up on identifying the different lava flow morphologies. Had a fire drill this morning. Later on I helped Leslie with creating an excel worksheet for her class.

Day 3

First day of shifts!! Water is once again kind of rough, rather overcast. Worked on identifying lava morphologies with Alexandra in the library. Can't wait to help out with the science on board.