Lim Yih En

Lim Yih En

Student, UW (Leg 2)

When I first enrolled in University of Washington, I had never thought of joining the program of Oceanography. So, here is the riddle: what made me a person who is now sticking around the ocean? Well, there are three answers for this riddle. First of all, the ocean occupies 71 percent of the earth surface. Since the ocean covers more on the surface of the earth than that of the lands, studying the ocean will provide me with higher possibilities to discover lost treasures within the vast amount of water. Secondly, since I grew up on an island (Penang, Malaysia) the sea has always been a best friend to me, studying the ocean relieves my longing for my hometown. The last reason is something everyone in the Oceanographic program will love : This is so exciting! Studying the ocean allows me to discover the real underwater world beyond the confined space of an aquarium. This is an adventurous journey to understand more about mother nature, which in turn, will allow me to find the ways to preserve the beauty of the natural world!

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