Mike Mulvihill

Mike Mulvihill

Associate Director for Operations


Mike Mulvihill joined the OOI Regional Scale Nodes program in June 2010 after 20+ years in the international telecommunications cable industry. His contributions to many cable projects included operations planning, capacity management, support system development and implementation, and management of global network centers. His responsibility and team leadership for cable restoration and network administration while at AT&T delivered several innovative solutions for consortium cable owners. As the Vice President of Operations at the David Ross Group, he defined and implemented the operations plan for the first East African undersea cable system, known as SEACOM, which is delivering 17,000 km of fiber connectivity among cities in South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, India, and Europe. Mike is very excited to be a contributor to the OOI RSN program and to the many significant advances in ocean science and education technology that the future holds in store.

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