Likhi Ondov

Likhi Ondov

Student, UW (Legs 1 & 2)

I am currently undergrad majoring in both Electrical Engineering and Oceanography and the University of Washington. The first four years of my study focused on completing the EE degree requirements. Initially, I focused on power engineering, but later pursued concentrations in analog circuit and biomedical instrumentation design. Despite the dated connotations of "analog", designing sensors that capture physical phenomena and accurate translate them into a electronic or digital format remains an interesting, multifaceted challenge to engineers. More recently, I started studying oceanography; it's very exciting that the field invites scientists and engineers from virtually all backgrounds to make significant contributions. In the future, I hope to combine both my knowledge of oceanography and EE experience with sensors, circuits, and programming to add to the broad field of ocean engineering. Just for fun, my hobbies include weightlifting, cycling, and fishing.

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