Giora  Proskurowski

Giora Proskurowski

Project Scientist


Giora graduated from Amherst College with a chemistry major, but was lured to the earth sciences with the prospects of using chemistry to study deep-sea hydrothermal vents. He got his masters and PhD from the University of Washington in chemical oceanography, studying the connections between biology, geology, and chemistry at deep-sea hot vents. Beginning in 2005 he was in Woods Hole, Masschusetts, as a postdoctoral scholar and Visiting Investigator at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and a Faculty Oceanography Scientist at the Sea Education Association. He returned to the University of Washington in 2010 as a Project Scientist for the OOI RSN, where he will help turn the exciting promise of the seafloor cabled observatory into a powerful tool for research and education.

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