Diane Perry

Diane Perry

Student, UW (Leg 2)

My name is Diane Perry. I am an undergraduate in the University of Washington’s School of Oceanography. Hailing from the historic town of Franklin, Tennessee, I chose the University of Washington for its top notch Oceanography program. What an excellent choice that was! Given this opportunity to venture out into the open ocean is the stuff of legend few undergraduates are able to experience. The Regional Scale Nodes cabled observatory heralds a new age of oceanographic research. I am, therefore, a player in history. Moreover, there are plenty of questions surrounding hydrothermal vents I want to explore. Most oceanographers I talk to have this intense love for the open ocean. I hear the water is a blue that is so, well blue, it is hard to describe. Maybe I will fall in love as well. If not, I’ll at least have some good stories to tell. 

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