Carlos Sanchez

Carlos Sanchez

Student, UW (Leg 2)

This award-winning photographer balances his artistic vision with a solid knowledge of the craft. Carlos is an expert at one of the most challenging areas of photography, manipulating light. He consistently finds creative and appropriate visuals to complement his clients' editorial and marketing needs.

Born and raised in Carolina, Puerto Rico, Carlos graduated from the Evergreen State College, where photographers-in-training must master the technical nuances of photography before exploring the creative aspects of an image. He studied documentary film concentrating on portraiture and photojournalism.

He also traveled extensively photographing over 36 states, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Carlos has and put his technical, artistic, and photojournalism skills to work on projects for the The New York Times, The Houston Chronicle, The Washington Post, Bloomberg News, Time, and NASA among others.

Carlos is currently earning a master of digital media from The University of Washington, and the staff photographer/multimedia content producer for Pacific Lutheran University. His work has appeared regularly in magazines, newspapers, and online publications across the globe. 

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